Saturday, 23 July 2011

July in Retrospect

We're going to take a short break here before we continue on to the next thrilling location in our holiday to publish some July-specific posts.  We will return in just a moment to our regularly scheduled programme...or are these the regularly scheduled programme?  Never mind, just read on...

Are we ever creatures of habit!  I've just realised that we've been on holiday during July in the previous three years.  We would have been again, but for needing to be here for the race.  [It went very well, by the way, with 19 teams instead of the 8 we had the previous year, and - on paper anyhow - we made a small profit.  I think it will continue to grow.]

This is the year in which Bill turned 60.  He celebrated by inviting 11 friends and family members (from the UK and Australia) to join in on an RV tour of Route 66 and other cool places in the US he wanted to show them.  I spent the first week of this holiday in Oklahoma City dealing with family stuff to do with the death of my Aunt Rita in October 2007.  On the whole, unless you hope to recreate this epic journey, I recommend you just look at the pictures.




Jg. for FatScribe said...

outstanding, shelley. really. dennis prager (a truly influential talkshow host here in the states) always says that travel reveals individuals of character who value memories over things. that absolutely speaks volumes about you two. amazing itineraries listed here. ;)

Shelley said...

Thanks Jg. I think we have our share of 'junk' as well, but you are right that we do value travel. I think I could be content not to travel if summer here was a bit more reliable, but it's not and we really do love seeing different places. Also, thank you for dropping in. I'm honoured that you continue to read here.