Thursday, 21 July 2011

More around Claremont

So, what else did we do while we were visiting Sandra and John? 

One day we drove up around Rancho Cucamonga and they showed us where they lived before they sold up and moved into Claremont.  That was on the way back from visiting Mount Baldy. 

There was a cycling race (Stage 7 of the Tour of California) from Claremont up Mount Baldy, which Bill was sad to have missed.

We stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick us some coffee.  We were both staggered at the number of choices available.

We also played our photo shopping game,

Clever idea, not that I need this.

spotting things Amy Dacyzcyn

Tell me, please, people aren't really this lazy!

might have tagged

You still have to turn the page yourself...

'yuks' or 'yeas'.'s not the skillet that makes you skinny.

One afternoon we met up with some of John and Sandra's friends in the village square for tea.  It was just a bit cool so we ended up in a pastry shop near there.   Whilst out in the square I was trying to get a shot of some kids riding a horse - no doubt part of the festival I showed you yesterday.  What I accidentally got was a rather good photo of Bill.


Anonymous said...

Only in America would they think of some of these gadgets. At our house, my husband is the sucker for gizmos like you can get at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Rick Stone said...

My Mother loved all the new stuff that came out and had to have them. Then she would put them away and forget where they were, so they either never got used or she buy another one. When they moved to the Assisted Living Center and we had the big estate auction it was amazing the amount of stuff, including duplicates, we had to get rid of.

Shelley said...

Terry - Your husband is 'good for the economy' I suppose. I don't know if it's me being a tightwad, that I wasn't making accurate conversion of GBP to USD or I just still think in 1995 US prices, but those gadgets didn't look inexpensive to me!

Rick - I remember going through my Mom's house and, in a different way, through Rita's. Not to mention moving all my stuff to the US. I keep thinking I need to get a bit more ruthless or Bill's children are going to really be shaking their heads at the mad woman their father chose. [I think Bill already worked that part out.]