Sunday, 3 July 2011

Photo Shopping

We went over to the Metro Centre not too long ago, to look at replacements for my PC that died. 

How hard would it be to fold a strip of fabric into a loop and sew some pockets on?

We only go there maybe once every two or three years. 

I'm a sucker for screens (even though I have no use for one); there's something 'romantic' about them, I think.

It's a ridiculously large mall, built by the same folks who did the Mall of America in Minneapolis. 

This is apparently for SCARVES!! I was thinking coat hanger meets plastic six-pack thingie...or is that too tacky?

I get lost in places like that and get so tired and cranky I don't want to buy anything anyway,so these super-malls would be pretty much wasted on me even if I weren't a tightwad.

I thought these zipper-bottomed boxes were ingenious.

Not that I would buy one - I have loads of zippers and box-making materials at home...not to mention boxes!

Since we were there anyhow, we decided to have a look around Ikea.  Their modern design furniture doesn't really appeal to me, though much of it is undeniably practical, but there are often really intriguing things to see and I find it quite entertaining to look around. 

This might qualify as one of the uglier things I've ever seen; bet they sell loads of them.

We did find all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  As usual I found a number of items that looked like they would be easy enough to make - not that I really think I will do it - and so I snapped photos of them just for fun.  Wise Bread recently posted about other frugal uses for a digital camera.

We applied the question

Is this an item we were intending to purchase before we came into Ikea?

and managed to come out alive, only £5.00 or so poorer.  We really did need that front door mat and what other odd thing Bill picked up.  And we entertained ourselves for a couple of hours as well.  Had I thought we'd have been seriously tempted to buy things we didn't need, I wouldn't have suggested going.  I do sometimes find it useful to learn what there is to be had at what price, and we came away with a couple of ideas we might put into use at a later date.

Talk about multi-tasking: lights, art, eye test! thanks.

Are you able to participate in the lost sport of 'shopping to look' instead of 'shopping to buy'?


Jo said...

I find the older I get the easier it is to just look when/if I go shopping. Keep asking myself if I really need it.

The scarf hanger you saw could be easily made by cutting apart the plastic rings that hold coke/drink cans together and crocheting aroung them, then sewing them together.

Anonymous said...

Lately, I've been applying your principle to purchases. If I just stop and think long enough, I can usually find a work around. We do window shop for ideas...

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm very much into the art of looking, as buying can be draining financially and emotionally. But I adore pretty/beautiful things, so sometimes I go out just to see/find something new that's gorgeous. It's inspiring.

Shelley said...

Joanne - Maybe that's why they say wisdom comes with age? Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking. Must look to see if there is such a thing as six-packs in the supermarket - we rarely buy soft drinks any more and when we do it is in the 2-litre bottles.

Terri - I think the 'work around' is much more creatively satisfying. Then again, sometimes nothing but a new purchase will do. Having given it careful consideration I can usually make those purchases with a very clean conscience!

AA - Inspiring is the word. So much of what I see in Ikea could be crafted at home. I am lucky in being retired that I have the time to do main distraction is this £%&*" computer...