Friday, 22 July 2011

Claremont Metro Station

The last thing Sandra and John took us to see was very nearly my favourite place of all, for several reasons.  It was beautiful,

it was historical - built in 1927 (the interwar period!) and it had to do with travelling by train!

Claremont Metro Station just took my breath away!

Apparently this decorative style is called 'churrigueresque', which is 'Spanish baroque'.   I think it is absolutely gorgeous, in small doses, just like they used it here.

I've not figured it out, but apparently one can get to the airport in LA via

 not to mention the Pacific Ocean.  Definitely worth exploring further, I think!

I was quite sad to be leaving the next day by plane to Dallas.

Sad to be leaving Sandra and John, sad to be going by plane and not train.

However, we had a schedule to keep.


Boywilli said...

I like the idea that Metrolink have to publish a "How to Ride Guide" with instructions for getting onto a train

Sandra said...

Shelley, I am thrilled once again with your visit, your descriptions of Claremont, and reliving the joy of just trying to show you some of the best in Claremont alone. Now if you will come back, I promise to get you to Union Station in LA, a true gem; a chance to view more great old houses; and a visit to the Sam Maloof Museum. I am actually amazed at all we were able to do on such a short visit. I now eagerly await the "rest of your trip" blog. Much love to you and Bill and please do come back.

Shelley said...

Sandra - The new itinerary sounds wonderful, but we'd come back for the company alone! And we will be back, of that I'm pretty certain. Give John a big hug for me and ask him to give you one from me as well! XXX