Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ontario - Claremont

We came out of the arrivals area and looked around for faces I'd only seen in photographs.  A man with a beard looked vaguely familiar and, seeing as how he gave me a great big hug, I guessed it must be John. 

That's right, we did another chapter of the visiting family members I only know through genealogy research, like we did two years ago.  Sandra and I have been writing each other - and Sharon in Perth and Frank in Glasgow - for just over two years.  When we got an invitation to a family' re-union' in St. Paul (as in another 50 people I've never met), Bill suggested we start our US adventure in Claremont.  I'm so glad we did.

Sandra was at the car and of course there were more hugs.  Sadly, they had to wait around while we dealt with the lost luggage woman; it was my turn for a lost bag.  Fortunately I had at least emergency and one overnight's necessities in my carry-on.  The bag turned up the next day at our hotel in any case.

I should explain.  Sandra and Frank live in a 700 square foot house (an exquisite 700 sq ft, I might add) and so she refers to the nearby Doubletree Inn as her 'guest room' (and to a local restaurant as her 'chef'). 

Sandra said this had always been part of their plans since they downsized to their little house.  It makes perfect sense to me, given the frequency that people come stay with them:  why choose a house on the basis of something like two visits in seven years?  The hotel was easily within walking distance to their house and the 'walkability' of Claremont was one of the things we were looking forward to experiencing.

When we went into our room and found a basket of fruit, snacks and drinks along with a welcoming note, we were just knocked over. 

I keep asking myself how I manage to find such nice people. 


Jg. for FatScribe said...

wow. you were so close to us. in fact, i travel through claremont quite a bit when we visit my brother out in temecula. would have a real treat to see you both at some coffee shop. love claremont b/c its a great old town with a lovely little series of colleges as part of the claremont college. look forward to more pics of your trip and reunion!

Jo said...

That is the way to retire - something small with extras close. You have sharp relatived!