Thursday, 14 July 2011

Flowers and Flutterbys!

I want to write 'The next day...' but as usual I'm changing the chronology of events. 

Bill's photo

That's called artistic license, so there. 

Ahem.  'One morning'... we met on a certain corner between Sandra's house and our hotel, convenient for heading to the Botannic Garden

It was really an excuse to be out in the lovely outdoors, doing more walking and talking. 

I had my camera batteries sorted by then so there is an abundance of photos, not even including Sandra's. 

Sandra said they call these 'fried egg flowers'.

She told me about their close friends and some of their experiences with family history research. 

Photo by Bill

Bill would stop and take a picture. 

Then I seemed to have to take the same picture. 

I couldn't help myself. 

Sandra talked about her and John's children and grand-children.

We talked a bit about our understanding of our shared genealogy, though we both acknowledge that Sharon is the true expert there.   

Bill's photo

She talked about her and John's life together, about what goes on at the Botannic Gardens, about what she likes to buy at their shop. 

Bill's photo

Bill bought a hat there, a lovely green one, but then left it in Oklahoma City later.  I tried on hats but none suited. 

These trees were another thing that reminded me of Australia.

There were lovely things in the shop, but nothing I felt would improve the quality of my life; at least nothing I could fit into my suitcase.

The butterfly pavilion was possibly the best part of that walk. 

We were shown all sort of things from dead exhibits of local and immigrant species;

to all the stages:  eggs (tiny little dots on a leaf), caterpillars (AKA larva),

Bill's photo

pupa (the least attractive part in my opinion, so I'm not bothered that none of our attempts to photograph them came out well) 

Bill's photo

and finally butterflies. 

Bill's photo
Gorgeous butterflies!

I only remember a couple of the many facts we were given: butteflies only live a few weeks. 

Bill's photo

They like to eat the same solution as you would put out for hummingbirds.  Butterflies also like watermelon!

Bill's photo
I took tons of photos, or attempted to.  Only a few turned out.  I work on the theory that if you take enough photos you will eventually come up with something worthwhile. 

Bill's photo - can you see the squirrel?

Thank goodness for digital photography.


Rick Stone said...

Bill's cap is in the mail. Actually, you may have already received it by now.

Shelley said...

Rick - Yes, Bill just got it today and was very pleased to have it again. Thanks so much for sending it!

Sandra said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the Gardens...we are off to a concert there tonight. I love that your pictures show us laughing and talking (inspite of your tooth ache)...we could have gone on for days, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

We were at the Lake of the Ozarks over the weekend...and the butterflies were huge and thick. It seemed too early in the year for them. Could not get them to pose for me either.