Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th!

Well, it's time to confess that I've not actually been here this past month.  That is to say, all the posts you've read in June were pre-posted before we left.  It's something I've long meant to do - post ahead - but never managed it before.  Given what a big job it was, I'm not sure I'll manage more than a week or two of pre-posting again for a while!

We were in the US:  California, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota.  We flew to CA and TX, but the rest was done by car - about 2,000 miles of it.  It was a family visit - to see close family, meet more distant relatives, visit friends and catch up with folks generally.  I shall of course be blogging about that trip soon.  We would have liked to have been there for the 4th, but as Race Director I was obligated to return by the end of June for the race we organised.  In any case,

Happy 4th of July!!!

We will be thinking about you!


The English Organizer said...

Happy 4th!
Hope you had a wonderful time catching up with family.

Rick Stone said...

Enjoyed having you for lunch and visit while you were here in Oklahoma. AND, a Happy Independence Day to you, even though you are now living among the folks who lost in that little war back in 1776.

Shelley said...

Thanks Pauline - the family stuff was good, the family history stuff was good, the driving (which Bill did) wasn't too bad...the long haul flights were what they usually are...

Hey Rick - Yes, it was a good visit and an excellent meal. Thanks for having us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it would have been fun to meet you en route somewhere. It would have pleased me that my first blogger meet up would be with an American girl from the UK.

Shelley said...


That did rather cross my mind when Bill told me where we were driving, but I wasn't sure where in Kansas you lived. I certainly would consider it in future. Also, I think it would work better with a slightly more 'stationary' holiday; this one was all go-go-go! Then again, I wonder if our US holidays will ever be anything but 'tours' - there is so much to see and do!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Sounded like a marvelous visit to the U.S. Shelley? You visited some of my favorite spots, especially CA and MN!

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and I hope that it felt good to be back home again?

Cheers ~ Deb