Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fireworks on the Lake

We loaded up the boat as sunset was nearing. John fretted about the number of people and Colleen did repeated calculations. In the end, Mark, Colleen's husband decided not to go, which I thought was sad. Then again, he had some quiet time and perhaps that was his preference; most mornings he was up and gone fishing on the boat, though I pointed out that as he released his catch, we had only his word for what he caught! Several people brought blankets to bundle up against the chill.

The neighbours were in their boat and together we headed south along with many others. John commented several times on the astonishing
number of boats that had gathered, easily 100 or more; I thought about how much disposable income this represented.

I was busy capturing sunsets and moonlight on the water.
It occurred to me that the advantage of watching fireworks from the boat would be not just a good vantage point, but the added drama of their reflection on the water. It seemed forever until the fireworks started; the lake sheriff nudged a number of us back, saying we wouldn't like it if we were too close and there was a dud. Finally they began and of course Bill and I stook a stupid number of firework pictures, just like we did last year at Lake Ponca. Of course it was all gorgeous and irresistable.

When it was over, everyone raced back home. It was pitch black but for the boat lights, and just a tad bumpy. All of Bill's and my pictures are blurred streaks of coloured lights.

John had worried about us getting home. Some teenagers who came onto the lake some time previously through the public access at the 'bottom' had vandalised the light on his float, normally used to find their pier. I was a bit concerned myself, it seemed we were racing along blind it was so dark, but I shouldn't have worried: Captain Colleen's trusty GPS took us straight into the right dock, no problems.

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