Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Madison to Minneapolis

Actually, we just drove to Madison to spend the night and take off for Minneapolis the next morning. We might have looked around, but Madison didn't work very well for us. It was a lovely college town, but we couldn't seem to get our bearings and Bill was particularly unhappy with that. It was rather an unpleasant part of the trip for me, so we'll just move on now...

After spending something stupid like $125 for a Holiday Inn, we were pleased to have re-discovered Super8 motels. However, the one in Madison didn't allow me to make a long distance phone call to Minneapolis, so we had to hunt down a pay telephone; easier said than done and the one I found had been so mistreated I thought it might fall off its frame. That said, I found I had to hit it to make the coins drop, so it deserved all the abuse it got. Art gave me very lucid instructions and before long we pulled up to their house; Norma was waiting outside for us!

The first thing that struck me, aside from the really nice neighbourhood, was that their house backed onto a creek. There was a deck, with a

and a side room with screened windows, overlooking the creek and the gardens of all the surrounding neighbours. The screened room reminded me so very much of the screened back porch on Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was really lovely and I was amazed to find this deck and water feature so parallel in my mind with the cabin at Torch Lake where we'd just left.

Hey, if you're going to find distant relatives on the internet and get invited to stay, isn't it amazing when in addition to being really nice people they live in really lovely houses?

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Anonymous said...

Now you are getting into my part of the country. Everything looks so familiar. My aunt's backyard looked into a small woods. She walked out to her garden and ran into a bear. She was probably 85 years old and I am sure, wearing her usual high heal shoes. Needless to say she started back toward the house. When she went aroung the corner of the garage, she decided to stop and check to see if the bear was still there. When she looked, he was looking at her from around the other corner of the garage. Great part of the country.