Sunday, 26 July 2009

Eat and Run

Our plan was to leave Bellaire on Monday after lunch and head down to Muskegon to spend the night. We wanted to position ourselves for smooth sailing -- or rather ferrying -- across Lake Michigan the next day.

We ended up going out to lunch in Charlevoix, a town about 25 miles north, where John admired the flower gardens that lined the streets. We had a scrumptious meal at The Weathervane and returned to the cabin. By that time, John was ready for a nap and I wanted to get out and on the road before he went to sleep so that we could have our good-byes without disturbing him. We were pretty much packed and so it was just about loading the car.

Before we left, John showed me the place he'd picked out to hang his miners' lamp, a prominent position that would do it proud. I was suddenly aware of how fond I had become of this kindly man in the very short time I'd known him. It became a priority at that point to get out on the road before the dam opened (anyone who knows me knows I leak a lot, and easily).
We just about made it, when John trundled out to the car to give us a couple of bottles of water for our journey. See what I mean?

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