Monday, 27 July 2009

Muskegon to Milwaukee

We got up and hit the road promptly so as to make the ferry comfortably. It was the first time I've taken a car onto a ferry, having only been a pedestrian between Dover and Calais, North Shields and Amsterdam. It was interesting to watch how it worked.

On our way to putting the car into a queue, our photo IDs were checked twice in the space of about 15 yards. I was going to be annoyed if it continued, but tried to remember making a game of this when we left India (there my passport was checked 12 times in the space of about 300 yards - I counted). Lots of inept -- and ept -- drivers participated in precision parking, helped by ferry staff with busy arms and hands.

Upstairs on deck I found a chair and sat

the whole journey, bar a couple of weaving walks to the loo and back. It was chilly enough in the cabin and very cold outside, so I'd little interest in being out there; there was nought to see anyhow. I had brought along an envelope of receipts to tally, something I do to keep track of my money. Having a good backlog to catch up and doing the math on paper, it occupied the journey nicely; that, and the rocking-induced naps I took. Bill was up most of the journey, taking pictures in every direction, all proving that there was nothing in sight (yes, Bill, Lake

Michigan is really large), fetching me cokes and taking crumpled receipts to the trash bin. To be fair, he did notice some nice houses on the Muskegon side that had their own little marinas, something I completely overlooked.

I got more interested when we approached land. Milwaukee 'by sea' is very attractive and I

didn't remember seeing a city from this sort of vantage point before. Milwaukee was a funny

mixture of old and new and of course they also had a beach.

I hadn't really made any plans for Milwaukee, though I knew Grandma and Grandpa once had a cabin on the lake. I figured it was so small it was likely to have been wrecked and replaced long before now.

Aside from seeing the names of beers I'd not thought of in a long time: Miller, Lone Star, Schlitz (the latter Mom and Dad's favourite), I wasn't sure what to do in Milwaukee, so we continued on to Madison.

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