Friday, 24 July 2009

Purchasing Fleas

A visit to the fleamarket at Brownville was on the agenda for Saturday. I can't say John was particularly enthusiastic about this and I did remark that on his birthday a guy should get to do what he wanted, but he eventually allowed himself to be persuaded. He rode in our car and on the way told us that he would be visiting his good friend, a lady who makes and sells donuts there. I said I'd noticed most of his friends were women, and he agreed that this was likely so -- some of the best friends, anyhow.

The next I saw him he had a bag of little donuts and insisted I take one (or more). Oh, I can close my eyes now and taste that warm cinammon and sugared heaven.

I was determined not to buy anything -- we have plenty of fleas already, you know. I did take some photos of things that struck me as being unlikely to be found at the Tynemouth fleamarket, plus some ideas I had for my own crafting efforts. Bill, fortunately, took pictures of people.

In the end, I did end up buying a gorgeous apron for $2 and an aged linen table cloth for $5, and I'm not a bit sorry.

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