Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Day Fourteen - Friday, 4 July - Part III

So, Friday evening the older members of our group went to the July 4 party held at the director's house. Tom apparently has an annual July 4 party. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but there were a lot of pleasant and interesting people there. It's no doubt a broad generalisation to say that actors have big personalities, but there were one or two folks there who were quite interesting to watch; also a huge amount of amazing food. We did our best to put a dent in the food and mingle. I think the foreigners with their English and Aussie accents were more interesting to people than ordinary ole me. Bob and I talked at length with Tom about the process of the competition for their play. Sounds like a lot of unpaid work.

Soon it was time to leave and go to the next Event - the fireworks at Lake Ponca, where we met up with The Tourists.

Bill and Pat had both been searching for information about parades and fireworks in Northern Oklahoma. It was surprisingly difficult to get information, I gather, but Pat ended up recommending this place for the evening show. Sitting around waiting for the display to start reminded me of my childhood a little -- I'm much more patient these days however.

And Chris is even more patient.

Meanwhile, we were watching a strange family next to us. The woman had on a stars and stripes bikini top with her cut off jeans. Like many rotund women, she obviously had no mirrors in her house. They had a small child or two and the Dad was twirling sparklers for the kiddies. He was sporting two red flashing lights on his white t-shirt. I wouldn't wish to know anyone who was wearing red flashing nipples, but we all sort of gazed in wonder and it did and serve to fill the time. I did snap his picture, but unfortunately my timing wasn't in sync with the red lights.

I wasn't sure a 20 minute firework show was going to be sufficient, but it turned out to be just right -- you can only say oooh and aaaaah so many times after all. We ended up having selected a great spot as the fireworks were very ‘in our face’. We didn't hear much of the music -- well, I didn't anyhow. Pat's video caught some of it, but apparently it was on a local radio station and we didn't know to tune in. Oh well. It was still very pretty.

As usual, Simon got the point

He got a lot of other stuff two -- 130 photos of the evening, mostly fireworks (!!) and I will share some of them with you tomorrow!

Thanks again Simon!

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