Saturday, 30 August 2008

Day Nineteen - Wednesday, 9 July - Part II

As mentioned previously, Bill had provided The Tourists with a more interesting route to the one for the RV. What he didn't realise was that Rhiannon wanted to see the Grand Canyon, seeing as how she'd joined the party in Albuquerque when as it was headed east, which meant she'd missed seeing it. Martin tried to tell her that Black Canyon was in some ways much preferable (on a more sensible scale) and I tried to tell her that when Bill and I live in Salt Lake City she and Simon could come across any time and go see it.

Nope, she wanted to see the Grand Canyon now. And why not? It was only about 350 miles out of the way.

We did invite Jane to stay in the RV with us, but she went along with Chris, Simon and Rhiannon to the North Rim. Boy, did she regret it. Turns out she got the job of navigator and so was on duty for the whole day, while others in the car got to nap.

Thankfully, Jane and Chris had a nice comfy hotel room at Ruby's Inn. The youngsters had opted for teepees and just got back in time to find out where they were located before registration closed.

Martin and Helen returned last. They had taken Bill's prescribed tour, but it turned out to be even rougher than Bill described. They had a flat tire and Martin said what with the sharp corners and rough terrain it cross his mind to wonder if Bill was trying to rid himself of an almost-son-in-law. He was so shook up he bought a six pack of bottled beer at the grocery store at Ruby's Inn. He shared them around, but we all agreed it was not drinkable. I wondered if it was a Mormon thing, selling disgusting beer to dissuade people from drinking. I was sorry to pour it out; I could have used it to trap slugs. No, even they would have avoided this dirty water stuff.

And so, another day...

But wait! There are still beds to make -- on the ground -- in the teepees!

Hmmm, I heard it was really cold and the ground was hard...

and someone wimped out...

Looks like it was Helen, the softie.

But they did look fun from the outside, anyhow.

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