Sunday, 17 August 2008

Day Sixteen - Sunday, 6 July - Part II

Right, lovely Simon came up with the goods so I can show you what the Tourists got up to on this day. As usual, he had some interesting stuff to share.

Seeing through his camera reminds me how remarkable some things are that I grew up taking for granted.

I'm guessing these cattle were in western Kansas.

Then they found Old Fort Bent, one of the National Parks. It is located off the highway between Las Animas and LaJunta in Colorado.

I only know this because brilliant Picasa Web Albums has a map feature that allows you to zoom in close enough to figure out the location and do more research. Simon told me yesterday that the mapping is the tedious part of using Picasa, but I'm pleased he took the time.

And as always, Simon found a bird that would pose while he took dozens of pictures.

This is the cabin and the cook out I told you about the other day. The mosquitoes were quite a nuisance but we managed to stick it out anyway and no one seemed to end up with too many bites.

With my usual keen sense of direction I kept trying to get things out of the wrong RV. Fortunately no one was at home to catch me out. It gave the others a good laugh though.

And so, another day.

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