Monday, 4 August 2008

Day Fourteen - Friday, 4 July - Part II

After the parade, we walked a long way up the main street looking for the municipal park. Along the way I fell in love with this little Boston terrier puppy.

In the end we decided it was too far to walk and so doubled back and got the cars.

There was some really tempting food at the park, including curly-Q fries and hotdogs, but we resisted knowing there was food to be et up at Pat's. Some of the group got engrossed in the really big event: The Turtle Races. I didn't go over to watch, being happy to finally sit, but having watched Pat's video I realise I missed a major Cultural Event. Fortunately, Simon captured some of the happening. First of all, some of the contenders:

All lined -- well, boxed up at the start:

And they're OFF!

The winner by a shadow

Simon was also quite taken with this person's shoes:

Then, somehow we ended up shopping in an 'antique' store.

It had a lot of stuff.

I bought Bill a bolo tie for $1 (I'll let you know if he ever wears it) and just narrowly talked him out of buying these boots.

Pat and I strolled around remembering some of the kitschier things Grandmother had in her house, seeing a flower vase of an elegant woman's head with dangly earrings. I quite liked it as a child, actually, and even better the cat clock whose tail wagged with each tick. I can't claim to have any taste, either.

The Tourists were also busy shopping. Somewhere Simon managed to pick up a red Fender bass guitar. We wondered if taking that home was going to be a challenge. There went the extra space allocation for some of Rita's jewellery, I thought.
Helen found a gilded bird cage and a wine rack to buy. Bob managed not to buy anything.

We had another meat and salad feast for lunch then caught up on laundry, etc. After that, some of us needed a nap. I found myself in a house full of sleeping beauties.

Even the cat was worn out

Truth be told, I had a nap myself. We still had a party to attend and some fireworks to see!

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