Thursday, 21 August 2008

Day Seventeen - Monday, 7 July - Part II

I’m finding it’s a challenge to re-create the holiday at this time distance. Using the pictures to remind me has worked well up until now. However, I’ve discovered that while I can tell on what date Simon and I took the photos, neither of us changed the time setting on our cameras and so I’ve run into pictures and dates that don’t make sense. I think I’ve figured it out – maybe.

This leads me tell you about part II of the 7th of July, where the Tourists visited Crested Butte. A ski resort town with a mining history, which describes a lot of Colorado. Again, it is fun to see what caught Simon’s eye.

Brits don’t say people have ‘red’ hair, they call it ‘ginger’, so I gather every time Simon sees this word, Helen has to have her picture taken.

Apparently they found some sort of music festival as well.

In the evening, I snapped a few photos.

I'm pretty sure Chris posed for this one.

We had dinner in the RV, but the youngsters decided they needed to have Chinese take out.

Martin says it was the worst he’d ever eaten. I figured it served them right for turning their noses up at my cooking!

Post number 100!!

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