Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September in Retrospect

My inner clock is never quite ready for this time of year, though in the past it was my favourite:  new school year and all that. My inner clock still thinks it should be about February, so it's no good, is it?  So what have we normally done in September?

Visted neat places, like Featherstone Castle, Las Vegas, Australia, New Lanark, Glasgow, Burradon Pele Tower, Corbridge (twice), and the Literary & Philosophical library (ladies' room).

Celebrated family events such as weddings*, met cousins, and remembered the birthdays of those who have passed

Gardened, uncluttered (I'm still scanning and no, I've not ditched any cookbooks; but neither have I obtained any more!), cooked, crafted (experimented), dealt with renters/managers (new ones moving in soon, after only one year). 

Written about things I really liked from the telly, like Trains in India, The Guinea Pigs' Drinking Club, How to Sleep Better.

Enjoyed my photo collections

Written about my early travel experiences and what I like about living here with Bill.  *Here I will make a confession.   Today Bill and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  This being my third marriage and me being completely petrified about what the heavy chains of the state's legal arrangements might do to my practically perfect relationship of 13 years, I did my best to pretend nothing happened.  Almost no one but Bill begins to understand my behaviour, but that's OK; they didn't get married.  But we did and ... so far so good, in fact just the same only a little better and I'm endlessly pleased to be able to say that.  I plan to continue to largely ignore the legal stuff and just enjoy being with Bill like always.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! My DH is on his 3rd attempt and I'm on my 2nd, but neither of us have any qualms about the success of this time around. I understand the feeling of not wanting to spoil a good thing.

Rick Stone said...

Congrats on being a Mrs. again. Not all first time marriages work out. No reason not to try again. This one seems to have taken hold this time around since we've been at it now for over 23 years.