Monday, 12 September 2011

Rita's Birthday

One nice thing about remembering people's birthday on this blog is that it makes me take time to go back through all the photos I have of them.   [Hint:  you don't have to have a blog to look at photos!]  I have so many great photos of Rita it is hard to choose one, but this one especially grabbed me.  Who could resist those big brown eyes?

Whenever I think of Rita or Mom I think of sewing.  There are all sorts of skills people can wish they had and I'm definitely a wannabe sew-er (what an awkward word).   I can practically imagine myself on my deathbed regretting not having acquired the skill of making or tailoring clothing.  I tinker around the edges with various craft projects, but don't do much in the way of start-from-scratch making of clothes.  It's no long inexpensive, but I already have so many of the tools, it's not like cost is the barrier.  I blame, in part, the computer.  Blogging is definitely a worthwhile exercise for me and whilst there are a handful of blogs I read that give me real inspiration, I'm aware that sometimes I read instead of do.   Which is the complete opposite to Rita:  I never saw her read a book, but she did an enormous amount of sewing, decorating, cooking, travel, work, (and more than a little shopping), you name it.  This lady never sat still.

A lot of us are spending great swathes of time on the computer.  Can you imagine saying on your deathbed, 'I wish I'd spent more time on the computer.'  Thought not.

Happy Birthday, Rita.  I promise I'm going to sew myself some clothes this year!


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Rita. I am pleased I got to meet her, she had a great personnality.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Rita learned to DO before the internet came along, but I am married to a DO-er!

BigLittleWolf said...

The issue of how much time we spend online is something I think about / worry about. Then again, for me - writing is doing, and reading is a luxurious undertaking.

Still, I have wonderful memories of my grandmother and great aunt sitting and talking, and often stitching (or painting or drawing) - around the long days of keeping a household.

That sort of "doing" was less solitary, and yes - it had something to show for it - though essentially it also had a social component. And isn't that part of what we do online?

Shelley said...

Terri - Yes, Rita never did become particularly computer literate, except for SHOPPING! I helped her buy contacts online years ago (and have just in the last couple of months followed her example) and also some computer software for her embroidery machine. She was a whizz at any technology that had to do with sewing or homemaking, that's for sure.

Wolf - A large part of my social life is on the computer these days. Not sure what that says about me...I keep telling myself I need to get out more! But it is easier to find like minded people on line. Then again, I do like to be exposed to ideas that aren't perfectly in line with my own, otherwise I think I'm in danger of having a shrinking life instead of the big one I want.