Saturday, 10 September 2011

Grandpa's Birthday

I had two thoughts when writing this post.  One was that colder weather is coming and I wished I had some of Grandpa's flannel shirts to wear.  I may go thrifting to see if I can find any flannel shirts.

The other, as I read previous posts about his birthday to see what photos I'd already used, was a sense of lost innocence.  When I wrote those other posts I hadn't yet learned that my Dad was adopted.   I have all sorts of sad and angry emotions about this still, but Grandpa is still my Grandpa and he always will be. 

{Bill is laughing at the sound of me blowing my nose as he brings me a cup of coffee and a fresh handkerchief.}

Happy Birthday, Grandpa.


Rick Stone said...

Of course he is your Grandpa. Always was and always will be. Your Dad was not only lucky to have been chosen by a loving couple, his being "chosen" also made him special. Having been a step-parent to a couple of kids and being a step-Grandpa it brings home that special relationship that bonds there.

My oldest brother, Bill, adopted both of his kids. They were as much his kids as my boys are mine. It was just as devastating when his son died as it would have been if I lost one of mine.

Your Dad was special to you. Because your grandparents chose him to be part of their family makes them special also.

Anonymous said...

Did you do a post on how you learned your father was adopted? My DH has told me that there are some in his family that doubt his paternity...and yet, he personally feels fairly confident of it.

Shelley said...

Rick - Yes, I have come to realise how spectacularly loving parents grandma and grandpa were. I can't say I much enjoyed being a step-mom and I'm not sure how I'll feel about being a step-grandmom (to other than dogs...), but we'll see how it goes when and if it comes up.

Terri - Yes, I did post about it, back at

I'm pleased to say that I've moved on quite a bit from there and have largely put it aside as one of those things I can't change. I wouldn't change the fact of my Dad's adoption - I would change the fact that it was a secret for all of my life, and probably his as well. Never mind, I had wonderful grandparents. I'm curious about the circumstances around my Dad's placement, but I'm pretty sure I won't find out.