Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wee Prezzie

This is the third thing about the holiday that I wanted to show you. 

I'm terrible about knowing when to give presents.  It's not just about being a tightwad, it's about knowing what is appropriate and when.  I hate to give someone the sense of obligation I feel when I receive a gift, so it's all rather fraught for me.  That said, people who give me a bed for a night - or more - clearly need a tangible thank you.

Bill and I debated this a while with no real conclusion until one day I was posting a book I'd sold on Amazon and spotted these stamps.  No doubt the world has seen these images a squillion times but I can't tell you what a big deal this wedding was over here (far bigger even than the later riots, though perhaps not for the individuals directly involved).  I've never seen Britain happier than on that wedding day.

So it seemed a good memento to share.  I bought sets of the stamps - the last the postmaster had!  Bill and I visited the fleamarket the next Saturday and had a chat with the framing guy there.  We've done business with him before and know him to be reliable.  We chose the frame and he promised they would be ready the following week, the day before we flew!  He was actually quite excited about the project as he liked my idea.  He made sure he protected the stamps so they would in remain collectable condition, the least of my concerns but nice of him all the same.

I didn't remember to get snaps of this at Sandra & John's or at Doris & Don's, but finally remembered at Jan and Jerry's house.  I was pleased with the result and hopefully it will be a happy reminder of our visit.

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

those reminders are nice to have around ... i'm glad you were able to visit our humble little state of california to see your pals.

i can't wait to finally get to the u.k. someday. can't wait to see london!