Friday, 2 September 2011

Year of Style - September

I thought I really should pay attention and get these posts done nearer to the start rather than the end of the month.    Frederic suggests that September is a month in which to 'Renew'.  Personally, I associate September with pulling out fall sweaters, boots and scarves and buying new school books and supplies.  Sadly, I'm not in school anymore.

My favourite hints for September include:

Send for the fall lecture schedule from a local library or museum.  Our nearest likely 'lecture schedule' would be in Newcastle and I'm still demanding more local activities.  However, there are some local authority classes in social history and jewellery making I'd consider and if I found another sewing class I'd certain jump on that.  Hurray for 'adult learning' classes!

Make room for the new, throw away the two pairs of shoes you hardly wore last winter.  Hmmm.  That could be about 20 pairs instead of two, but I've decided on a pair of navy dress shoes and some brown high heeled ankle straps.  I don't wear heels much these days; one pair rarely got worn, the other is pretty much past it.  There...that wasn't so hard, was it?

Reorganise your closet with fall and winter accessories.  Boots, scarves, coats, gloves...  I'm not very excited about cold weather around the corner, so I''m thinking I may hunt down something cosy in a cheerful colour to help me face it.

Trade in your bright summer nail poish for something more sophisticated, like bordeau, pinot noir, zinfandel or burgundy - the colours of full-bodied wines.  I'm clearly not a wine afficionado as I think of the middle two names as white /green and pink.  On the other hand I do like the berry-burgundy reds as well as all the other lush jewel tones that I associate with autumn.  Trying to think positive here (sitting in my coat in mid-August).

Are you looking forward to autumn?


Jo said...

I will have to reread this in about November. The weatherman just said we would be on our 60th day of over 100 today.

I went through my closet and stripped it after I retired. Just left a basic wardrobe so I would have something for a wedding, funeral, etc.

Shelley said...

Apparently Britain has had the coldest summer in 20 years - average temps of 15 C., approximately 60 F. Then in Oklahoma, a ridiculously hot summer. Wish we could trade bits and even it all out!

'Stripping out' sounds drastic, but it's probably a good way to go.

Boywilli said...

Ahem! Yes! stripping out your wardrobe. Now there's a project. Lifes too short

Rick Stone said...

Did I see Jo post that she "stripped" her closet? Really? Sure looks like it's all still in there, or at least has been replaced with new stuff.