Sunday, 25 September 2011

Portmeirion Woods

Beyond the village, beyond the hotel, is a woodland trail.  There were two options and we chose the short, not being dressed for all-weather walking. 

I love, love, love forest trails.  Surely one of my previous lives found me living in a woodland cottage or maybe I was a faerie; or maybe it's just human nature to be drawn to such places.   I don't actually believe in faeries or multiple lives, but I can tell you that all my senses were fizzing.

It seemed to me that the walk had something special to experience about every 100 metres. 

Bill thought I was slightly crackers but I was overwhelmed by this place. 

Even he was a bit surprised when I found the 'wishing trees'.  

Then there was this make-believe light house.

Every now and then there was a glimpse of the beach, but I'm not showing you that just yet.

There weren't just trees and moss, but also loads and loads of hydrangeas, but I'm not going there now either.

Looking back, I sort of which we'd taken the longer walk, but at the time we had yet to fully explore the magic of Portmeirion village.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more about the wishing trees. Are those coins I see embedded in it?

Shelley said...


Those are in fact coins. I put a link to a source of more information because I was curious, too. Check out the link!