Friday, 18 September 2009

Nora's Card

While I'm talking about cards, I should show you Nora's card as well. Although I worked with gorgeous fabrics, some purchased in Oklahoma City, some Jane brought me from Sydney, I wasn't very sure about the outcome. It seems every time I go to make a card I have new ideas I want to try out. By the time I know if they worked or not, the card's deadline has arrived...I think it's called procrastination.

Anyhow, this one started out with writing words backwards on the back

and outlining them from the back to show on the front.

Then I wanted to try using strips of fabric and embroidery thread to anchor them into place. This was very fiddly, but fun.

What I found was that the width of the strip was very important and dependent on the type of fabric used; I don't think I always got it quite right.

I didn't really like the finished product as I thought the writing was too busy and difficult to read. However, in showing it to Bill recently, he was less critical of it than I, and he generally has a good eye for things. Still... I might try this technique again sometime, only with thinner strips and perhaps only for capital letters or something.

The outside was more simple and pleasing, in spite of not being able to get a good photograph of it. It was letters from orange cotton velvet that Nora herself had given me on a background of brown silk velvet. Very lush.

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