Thursday, 3 September 2009

Flower House

When I knew we would be staying over night in Glasgow, my mind turned immediately to the B&B I'd stayed in about 9 years ago. I remembered it as an unusually pretty terraced Georgian house, within walking distance to my meeting with my Scottish counterparts at the University of Glasgow.

I couldn't remember if I'd been in a room upstairs or down, but I did remember the blue bathroom.

Mind the other bathroom is fairly memorable as well.

I was thinking I'd sat in a living area with lots of sewing baskets and have the impression that the host had lived and worked in India for a while, but I could be mistaken.

I did enjoy the over the top decor again, but it turned out that we were served breakfast in our room, not in a dining room, which is usual practice in a B&B. Though the food was plentiful and healthy and served on lovely Royal Doulton china,

Bill grumbled that there wasn't any fried pig on offer and he's not a big fan of scrambled eggs. In fact he was clear that he prefers staying at hotels where one doesn't have to state a given time for breakfast, one just shows up within the time span for which breakfast is on offer.

I have to admit this is the first I ever recall not being asked what I wanted for breakfast; it's certainly the first time I've ever been served breakfast by a woman in bare feet. I'm sorry to say we probably won't return. Still, it is a very pretty place.

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