Sunday, 20 September 2009

Where I Hang Out These Days

I need to update my Blogroll, but that will be very tedious and knowing me I won't get to it for some time. Until then, I wanted to introduce you to my new best friends, well, my new favourite blogs. They barely know I exist though I've stuck my nose in and commented all over the place. I met them through one blog, as one does. (I'm finally understanding what they mean when they say blogs are a social network).

That was the Frugal Scholar. I visit her most days to see what she's up to. On her blogroll are some very interesting characters, among which are Fabulously Broke, The Duchesse and Une Femme. From Une Femme I found A Femme and if all you read is the right hand column of her blog, you'll come away thinking you've been hanging out with your French women friends at a Paris cafe.

What I'm enjoying from them is that they like clothes, and most are (a) conscious of money well-spent instead of squandered; and/or (b) interested in French style and culture, which I find fun; and/or (c) of a 'certain' age, which is a nice change from all the 20 and 30-something crafty SAHM (stay at home mom) blogs I was mostly reading before and got sort of burned out on. Also, one or two admit to not being a size 8 and so their discussions on clothing selection are pertinent.

If any of this appeals to you, drop in and visit them. Au revoir.

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