Saturday, 18 September 2010


The sound doesn't work on the PC upstairs that I normally use, which is probably a good thing, else I would spend my days watching videos.  


That said, occasionally I'll use Bill's laptop downstairs and watch a few, like this one from The Happiness Project.  It happened to be about starting a collection.  

I've collected any number of things in the past, from rocks to sea shells to butterfly jewelery, but my latest collection is via digital photography.  


The advantages are huge, the main one being that it doesn't take much space.  You'll have seen my collection of doors and balconies from Prague.  This year it was street lamps in Italy.

Increasingly, however, it looks as though Bill and I may collect items from the 1920s and 30s.  


For example, I picked up a set of dessert bowls at a shop in Manchester this year that we quite enjoy using.  


I still have a few pieces of depression glass that my Grandma and Grandpa had from that era and Bill loved Mucha's work enough to buy some posters, which we still need to frame and hang.  Granted Mucha is art nouveau, not art deco, but we love both. 


I think it's a better thing to collect something jointly rather than one of us hogging all the space with stuff the other doesn't enjoy (and I already hog plenty of space just with all my 'stuff').

What, if anything, do you collect?


Boywilli said...

I would love to collect something but my shoebox is full and there is no spare space anywhere else in the house

Rick Stone said...

Logo golf balls. Each wall display rack holds 100. Two are completely full and the other two lack 8 and 17, respectively, in being full. On full rack is general business logos (Chevrolet, Ford, etc.) and the other is a hodgepodge of a little of every thing. One of the almost full ones is balls from golf courses around the country plus one ball Jo brought me back from the UK that is from St. Andrews, where golf started.

The last rack has logos from the places we have visited on our trips. I collect these like some poeple collect those mini spoons or shot glasses. My theory is if you get bored with them what to do with them. You can't use the spoon for eating your morning cereal nor can you serve iced tea in the shot glasses. If I get bored with the golf balls I can always go hit them on the course.

I also have a small collection of figurine Eagles, this country's national bird. And a pretty good collection of America Eagles, the one ounce silver coin the US Mint issues each year since 1986. These, of course, are the most valuable thing I collect and they are safely stored under lock & key.