Friday, 3 September 2010

Orange and Amber in September

The colours I’ve assigned to September are orange / amber / camel. Trish mentioned camel back in August and no one seemed to be able to find any in the shops. We darted through Fenwicks the other day (the way to the car through the labyrinth called Eldon Square shopping centre to avoid the rain); they have lots of camels in there (sorry).

I never much cared for any of these colours, particularly not for orange, in my younger days. They didn’t do much for my light blonde hair; they weren’t in my summer colour palette. However, as I started going more medium ash blonde, orange became a bit more interesting. I fell in love with a purple and orange floral skirt.  Then changing to auburn hair made orange my new best friend.

Trinny and Susannah suggested that orange and burgundy went together, an idea that took me a long time to get used to. I’ve gradually come around, and it does seem to have been accepted, but can’t say I put them together very often, except with my hair supplying the burgundy! 

Brenda Kinsel’s book, 40 Over 40 says that amber is a good colour for older women. I haven’t investigated that much, but tucked away the information in case I run into something amber sometime. I like trying new things. However, I tend to mostly work with ‘old’ things.

The other thing about September is that the boots come back out.  It is a funny month, mind, sometimes summer and sometimes autumn, but the evenings are usually chilly enough to appreciate a sweater and boots.  I  love my boots.   They are almost enough to make up for the fact that September doesn't mean going back to school, something that usually gives me a small pang.  Just like at New Year or a birthday, a new school year was a clean slate, a new start full of hope and expectation.

I might just have to pop out and buy myself a new notebook and a fun or amber, of course!


Rick Stone said...

Orange is great, especially paired with black. (Your followers outside of Oklahoma may not understand that statement.) It is a great constrast to that awful maroon and off white (also known in these parts as Crimson & Cream.) ;->

Shelley said...

Rick - Sorry, I'm a Crimson & Cream gal myself (though I would have called it red and white, actually). For other's information, this refers to the college football rivalry between the University of Oklahoma (red/white) & Oklahoma State University (orange/black). Some of us move on from those days, but obviously not everyone ;-)

Struggler said...

So sorry, I am way behind in my reading (have been painting, again) and I wanted to say thanks so much for the very helpful orchid link. She makes it sound so easy!
I'm not sure how good I look in orange, but I like wearing it as it's such a happy colour. Amber is probably a lot more sophisticated and is certainly seasonally appropriate!
Hooray for boots time, too!