Monday, 13 September 2010

Happy Birthday to Grandma

I've been working on my pressure cooker skills, in honour of Grandma.  Also because it's wonderfully frugal to cook beans in the pressure cooker, not to mention quicker.  Fortunately I have an expert in residence (Bill) who walked me through this once and I made notes.

  1. Fill the baskets.  One of the two pressure cookers we have has three baskets so you could cook different things that require the same cooking time.  We put in three varieties of beans. 
  2. Put in enough water to just cover the bottom shelf on which the baskets rest.
  3. Boil until the small steam release rises and then the large release begins rising.
  4. Before the 2 white lines on the large pressure release are showing, turn the stove top temperature down to level 3 (medium-low) and set the timer for 20 minutes.
  5. Turn the heat off at 20 minutes and leave the pressure cooker to cool. 
  6. When cool, open the lid, remove the baskets and drain the water.
I'm not sure these are adequate instructions if you've not got a resident expert or time to practice with one, but I found the most amazing website that tells you everything about pressure cooking:  Miss Vickie.

We freeze the cooked beans in one cup portions, for later use.

Clara Rose, aged 22, 1912

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Pauline Wiles said...

I have a slow cooker, which I like very much, but have never experimented with pressure... I love beans so I can imagine a ready supply on hand is a great thing.

I just tried to send you this reply as an email but I think I foolishly used "". Ooops :)
My juggling post pretty much came about because of your lovely and wise comment on my running blog, about only being able to handle a few big things. It made me feel *so* much better at the time and I've been noodling on it since.

Yes, blogging is certainly a time sink and I feel guilty that I'm not keeping up with as many as I previously did. But there's a definite chance I'll get the boot from work if I don't reel it in a bit. Also, I'm sure some of the more popular blogs stretch the truth a bit about the time/cost their projects need, to make themselves look amazing - and I don't need that kind of downer.

Regarding the mirror, I should probably update the post to clarify.... I was so bummed ('scuse my French) that I took it back to the store immediately and basically said their shopping trolley was so rubbish that it had damaged it on the way to the car. Which I really believe it did. They shrugged and refunded my money... which is good or I would have been sitting on their floor sobbing otherwise. Either I'm finally growing up, or I've lived in America long enough to gain some confidence - back in my English days, I would have blamed myself and swallowed the cost. So I guess that's progress! :)