Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Portals in Prague

The Municipal Building (more about the interior later)

To think of all the years I never thought much about doorways.

I used them often on a daily basis and never looked at them.

But then, few of them looked anything like these.

Most of the doors in my experience are much of a muchness: plain and practical.

But not so the doors in Prague (or much of Europe for that matter).

The entryway is a first impression that has obviously been much appreciated by architects of old.

On our first touring day in Prague, Jane remarked that she remembered us showing her pictures of doors from someplace else; Paris, she thought.

I can only remember collecting doors in Dublin, which are distinctive in their design.

That was back in the days before digital photography. Her remark prompted me to do the door collection in Prague in a big way.

Looking at these, can you blame me?

Mind, sometimes you have to wait for the Tourists to move to get a decent picture.

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Anonymous said...

I do this, too. Half my vacation pictures are doors. They're so interesting!