Monday, 15 December 2008

Crossing Over to the Dark Side - V. 2

Just a note of warning that you may be seeing certain commercial additions to this website. Not that I actually expect to make any money.

There is an interesting survey (3,500 voters so far) on ProBlogger that says in the month of October gone,

33% didn't make any money from their blog (then again, were they trying at all?)
35% made up to $99 (not too bad)
12% made between $100 and $499
15% reported income between $500 and $19,999
5% said they made over $20,000 in October (not sure I believe this, given other data)

I've collapsed the categories for brevity. Anyhow, I'm going to try to join any of the categories other than the one I'm currently in, and the reason is this: tells me "You are currently using 366MB (35%) of your 1024MB." I expect there is a brick wall coming up in a couple of months, hurdled only by the regular payment of money. This is fair, though I've enjoyed the free ride thus far.

I'm not really willing to pull down any of the pictures I've posted and I was planning on sharing lots more, so I'm hoping to make the site at least pay for itself. I started to say that making $20,000/month wouldn't upset me, but I did actually promise myself never to pay 40% income tax to the UK government again, even though it meant living on a smaller income. Let's just say that at this point I'm in very little danger...

So, if you start seeing funny little adverts or invitations to buy stuff on Amazon or Etsy, just ignore them...unless you're really interested, of course.

Note: You may remember a bit of conversation in a couple of comments having to do with clicking. Having read (and attempted to understand) all the rules about this, I decided to remove those comments in case they could be interpreted as breaking those rules. I didn't get all of it, probably, but one thing I'm sure about: I absolutely must not click on my own ads, no matter what. They didn't say that the mouse would go blind, but that's what I figure they meant...

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