Wednesday, 10 December 2008

...and Chew Gum at the Same Time

I'm knitting my last gift for this Christmas (whew). I've been frantic to prioritise and multi-task with my knitting:

I've taken my projects to the sewing group and knitted instead of making items for the Christmas Fayre (they got a couple of covered hangers, finished off at the last minute)

I've taken my knitting in the car when we drove to and from the running club

I knit in the pub after a run

In the evenings when we sit in the front room in front of the fire, I've had Bill put on music to inspire my knitting speed (recommended: Bonnie Raitt, Dvorak or Great White)

I've knitted in bed before going to sleep and first thing in the morning

I've learned to read blogs and knit at the same time

One evening, when Bill wasn't going to make it back from Hull to drive me to the running club, I decided to walk the 10 miles in place of a run. I took my knitting and worked on it whilst I walked. I must admit this didn't work as well as it might have owing to it being cold and gloves being a hinderance (I might try it again in the summer). The dark didn't present a problem as there were street lights along the way. However, I realised I wouldn't likely catch mistakes as early. In the end I put away my knitting as I approached an older couple walking towards me on the sidewalk. I didn't want to scare them...


Anonymous said...

Your mother would be proud of you doing knitting projects for christmas. I remember the sweaters she knit you one year.

Shelley said...

Bless you, Joanne! Bill was just saying to me last night that he thought somehow my weblog was tied up in my mind with my Mom and Rita. I'm not sure I agree, though the posts I've done about my family members are the ones I'm most pleased with.

It won't surprise you at all to know that I still have every one of those sweaters, though I don't wear them anymore...