Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Comparison Shopping

I did a bit of Christmas shopping yesterday and it took me to a number of supermarkets. I was aghast to learn that Asda (our version of Wal-Mart) wants 72p for a litre of UHT (ultra-high temperature) skimmed milk. As boxed milk and/or skimmed milk are not to every one's taste (but UHT milk lasts in the cupboard for months and we like the taste just fine) this is likely the cheapest version of milk one can buy. I thought that was scandalous.

I don't approve that Morrison's asks 54p per litre either, particularly when they chicken out occasionally and drop it to 49p.

Which is what I pay for it at Netto's when I happen to be there anyhow. That's 47% cheaper than at Asda. We drink about a litre a day, so the savings adds up...to about £83 a year (about $125).

Until Netto's and Morrison's finds out about Asda, anyhow.


Anonymous said...

I will have to look for that here. Throw out more milk because I can't drink and Rick doesn't, just need it for recipies. Never got into the powdered as there is a taste to it.


Shelley said...


Did you know you can freeze milk? I did it for years in the US, when my freezer space could take gallon containers. If you only use milk for cooking you could just freeze single cup servings. The main thing about thawing it is that the watery part thaws faster than the creamy part, so you have to be sure it's completely thawed before using.

I never did see UHT milk in the US when I was there, but things have probably changed quite a bit since then.