Monday, 15 December 2008

Music in Prague

One of the main tourist-y things to do in Prague is go to a concert. You are --ahem -- one is inundated with flyer's inviting one to concerts in churches, museums and ...concert halls, even. Most are concerts are classical, but there is the odd jazz offering or something more Czech-ish, by which I think they mean costumes and hand-clapping and probably the option of sampling and buying the local distilled drink, Becherova.

Not everyone in our party of 8 liked the same music, but the classical won out. I suggested we do that on the first night to get it out of the way and if we wanted, we could always do it another time. So we went to this place

to hear some music.
(I'm hoping to find the crumpled up programme to scan and include here. I know I have it somewhere...)

The general idea was that we would sit on cushions on the stairs. I was pretty tired from walking (well, walking, stopping to photograph, then running to catch up) all day and I wasn't thrilled about this idea, but thinking the place would be crowded I joined in at the top of the stairs. A few smarter people went down and seated themselves in the chairs near the performers.

After the first 3-4 notes, I didn't think much about where I was sitting.

The acoustics were amazing and I actually recognised much of the music. This is is yet another way, in addition to liking gardening and cooking programmes and thinking policemen aren't old enough to be out of school, that I know I'm officially old. I really do like classical music, along with the Stones, Def Lepard and Christina Aguilera, mind.

I did get a bit distracted when I saw something brown and furry run along what I thought was the corridor behind and sharply turn the corner out of sight. I alerted Jane that there were rats about, but later Bill said I was only seeing the top of some one's head, that wasn't a floor it was a window sill.

There was lots else to look at too, as the building was of course beautiful.

I thought the lead violinist looked a lot like Simon Cowell -- it was probably the hair cut.

The girl was the best part of the act. She flicked her hair a lot and flirted with Simon.

And the music was magic.

When we came out it was dark and all of Wenceslas Square was lit up like Piccadilly Circus.

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