Thursday, 6 August 2009

Crafting at Norma's

I think it was the first evening we were at Norma's and Art's when she offered the use of her washer and dryer, an excellent idea after we'd been on the road for a week. On the clothes rack beside her dryer I spotted a hanger that looked just like this

except that the black parts were a lovely shade of rose pink (and the white parts didn't look like they'd spent years in a dusty attic...).

I instantly felt as though I was at Grandma's house: these are the very hangers she taught me to make. And it has been commented that I have a thing about hangers, which is true enough. During Spike's tour of Minneapolis, he dropped the name that struck a chord for me; the source of the nylon strips was Munsingwear Vassarette!

Anyhow, I commented enthusiastically about this hanger to Norma and, seeing as how I was interested in crafty things, she pulled out a pair of thongs that Denise, her eldest, had made. I definitely wanted to know how they were made so I could show them to the sewing group ladies; Nora and Ruby are always working with this funny yarn and giving me the tag ends when they are done.

Bless her, Denise decided I needed a pair to take home and show the ladies. She is obviously a busy person but these are quick to make: she crocheted them in a few minutes during her time at the open house the next day!

I may not get so many tag ends of the fuzzy yarn after the sewing ladies have seen these!

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Anonymous said...

I love the thongs. Great idea for the granddughters.