Saturday, 22 August 2009

No Heart Manchester Yet

It was only a week or so after we got back from our US holiday that Bill had two meetings to attend in Manchester, one on Tuesday and the other Thursday. So we invited ourselves to Simon's place and Bill took the Wednesday off. We drove over on Tuesday morning, leaving at 7am and arriving about 10:30. We parked at the Victoria train station and went our separate ways.

I wanted to visit Oldham Street, home to a large fabric shop, a number of thrift stores and near Afflecks Palace. Of course it was raining and of course in spite of having my map I walked well out of my way into a fairly scary area (think vacant high rise concrete block, no windows, plants and mold growing out the windows). Not only did I see very little worth photographing, I was weighing up whether or not to take the camera out of my backpack.

Manchester does indeed have much more salubrious areas well worth visiting, but Oldham Street was my target that day. Once I found the section I wanted it wasn't too bad other than a couple of dreadlocked young men searching the ashtrays for salvageable butts.

If nothing else I got about 4 hours of exercise and a better idea of where to go on Thursday.

And, just now, I remembered to look up what 'hydroponics' meant; very interesting...

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Anonymous said...

You are one brave person to go wondering without a map and on your own. I remember one area Nancy and I got ourselves into in London.