Wednesday, 26 August 2009

No Man, Just Chester

We met up with Helen and spent a very pleasant, if wet, day in Chester. We did a bit of shopping, had lunch in a pub and walked the walls; nothing exciting, but a good day out all the same.

Chester or cester comes from the Roman word for fort, castrum, and so British place names such as Gloucester or Manchester (or Chester) indicate a Roman history. According to plaques on the walls of Chester, the Romans were there in 70 AD. If you click on the picture above, you should be able to read it.

The first thing one notices is all the black and white Tudor styled buildings, many of which have in fact Victorian period dates. The oldest date I saw was 'mid-1600s' and the last Tudor, Queen Elizabeth (one of my very favourite historical characters), died in 1603, so I suppose that's close enough.

The houses above had a plaque: The Nine Houses - Of the original nine almshouses built in the mid 17th century only six remain. These were restored in 1969. The parish boundary marker on the facade refers to the parishes of St Michael and St Olave.

I had my first experience of a Habitat shop. I didn't have anything in mind to buy, I'd just heard of it for years and years and as we don't have one up here never had the chance to see one in real life. Bill found something to buy: a new wok. The one I bought from the fleamarket years ago, now having only one handle, was very awkward to use. I'd had a wok on my wishlist for some time, but Bill objects to buying kitchen ware for my birthday or Christmas, which is very good of him. The new wok is a joy to use and is already earning its place.

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