Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rose Mille

You know, here I am trying to channel my German roots and then we go into Stillwater and I get distracted by this French place, Rose Mille. [Click on the pictures and you can browse along with me.]

More than distracted, I think I fell in love. Not only was it full of beautiful things to buy just as

they were, there were tons of ideas to take away

and even better, she understood how much her store would tickle the creative itch and made a place just for scratching it.

I asked permission to take photos and was told they wanted to have the photos as well. But of course! [You can hear my French accent, can't you?] I took a business card. After reading the blog on the website, I decided that in my next life I want to be her, the woman who owns this shop!


Michelle Rose Jorgensen said...

Hi Shelley,
Your blog found me! Thank you. I am so flattered. Truly. I too have mainly German roots, but somehow my french roots surfaced as well. Seriously, I carry German glass glitter and German paper dresden and scrap pictures, as well as other German products, especially during Christmas time. But alas, the French side is more dominant.
You are closer than you think, my family and childhood friends call me Shelly,

Best regards,

Michelle Rose Jorgensen

Anonymous said...

This is a marvelous spot. We will have to put Stillwater MN on our list of places to see when we go up there.