Thursday, 13 August 2009

Art Fair Off the Square

I was delighted to find there was an arts festival going on in downtown Madison. The hardest part of going to one of these for me is to (a) keep track of Bill and (b) remember all the great ideas I want to try for myself (I should live so long). It used to be hard not to buy things, but I seem to have cured myself of that. Mind, I have a picture on my living room wall from an Oklahoma City arts festival that my friend, Joanne, and I attended many years ago. The image is composed of flower petals and I've never regretted that purchase. Anyhow, I'll show you some of the things I really liked there in Madison.

There was a woman who made stuffed animals, mainly mice, from old sweaters. I thought they were cute, but not cute enough to photograph. Then there was this lady who knitted with paper and that I found totally amazing. Not useful for anything (part of Oscar Wilde's definition of art), but amazing to look at.

Someone else took old garments and made them into wraps, scarves and bags. She used luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk.

This woman had a couple of themes going. One was to do with children's clothing and sayings about children.

I really loved the pieces (look closely at the smaller orange pictures) where she painted? collaged? a dress onto old sewing patterns and outlined it with stitching. I was mildly tempted to buy one for my sewing (ha) room...

And I loved this guy's work with bits of old furniture and ceramics. He told me he got his materials at yardsales and thrift stores. Mind, one piece of this would go a long way, but I love that it's all so whimsical and he's rescued so much from the landfill. It would be fabulous to have that umbrella stand inside my front door. Just imagine the fun of watching peoples' faces when they first saw it. You can visit his website and see more.

In fact, that's mainly what I was drawn to, things made from 'nothing', 'trash', etc. I don't consider myself to be an environmentalist, but I do hate waste.


Anonymous said...

This Art Fair would have been great to go through. I would love to have seen the knitting with paper. I like the craft pictures as well.

Here is a thought. My sister-in-law, Nancy - remember her - always carries a small note pad with her that she just uses to draw pictures and make notes of the crafts she is interested in trying. Then all the notes are in one place and easy to review.

Rick Stone said...

Should have bought the unbrella stand. It would have been great fun to try and pack in your carryon luggage on your way back home.