Saturday, 1 August 2009

Spike's House

Norma had an errand to run, to do with son Spike's elderly dog. This took us over to Spike's house, which was not far from theirs and was amazing. There were a number of other errands later in our visit to do with getting a storm-damaged window replaced, but I didn't accompany Norma on the other visits.

The outside perhaps gives you a hint of what the inside was like. I won't invade Spike's privacy here, but will just tell you that the walls were painted bright gold and red in the same room with blue carpet; and somehow turquoise and red picture frames coordinated with it all. It fairly took one's breath away -- here was a decorator with real courage; and it worked great! I can't explain how, and I know you won't believe me, but I thought the colour scheme gave some old world charm to a rather modern style house. I might have been influenced in this by the very European water colour scenes in those colourful picture frames.

There is a small swimming pool which uses most of the back garden; the remainder is beautifully landscaped. The garden shed is also very colourful. As I recall, it matched the front of the house. I hadn't expected to see such splendiforous decor; I thought we were just going to let a dog outside. Thank goodness Bill brought his camera.

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