Friday, 14 August 2009

Madison Streets

I mentioned we were looking for the building where Grandpa had his photography studio; we found it! I love this art deco style, of course.

Bill quite admired a lot of the architecture and

the wide streets around that area and I had to agree.

I thought the capitol building was very handsome.

Bill mentioned that Madison was one of the first places to pedestrianise a downtown street, something that caught the attention of folks in Europe. I can't find any proof of that, so I'll just take his word for it. I did like the feel of this area of town, particularly as it was only a few blocks from the house overlooking James Madison park and Lake Mendota. I could handle living here, in the summer anyhow.

Did I ever mention that one of the first places Bill and I vacationed together was Sorrento, Italy? We went all around the Amalfi Coast, visited Naples, Pompei and the Isle of Capri. If I ever managed to find and scan those photos, I'll show them to you. Anyhow, when we got back, I happened to get out the box of Daddy's black and white glossy photos of his tour of duty in Italy and guess what? I discovered that he was stationed in Naples. It was frustrating not to be able to tell him about our holiday there.

Well, this time it was a box of Mom's old 35mm slides that had always been around and had ended up in Rita's garage. I took them away with me when I was last in OKC and just before we left for Michigan finally got around to taking them to be made into digital photos. They were ready by the time we returned.

Turns out Mom liked that capitol building as well.

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Hey Shelley

Kalamazoo, MI was the first pedestrian mall in the US. Mpls was the first transit mall in the US. I know dumb information...but we love Wiki because there are other people in this world that harbor ridiculous information!!!!

I love Madison, the city being built on the ithsmus between the lakes Mendota and Menona is very picturesque but as you have found out first hand, the traffic thru that bottle neck is HORRIBLE!!!! What were those city founders thinking! Fun shopping town and when its game day at the Univerity of Wisconsin Madison what a zoo!