Thursday, 27 August 2009

Max and Daisy

We were at Helen and Martin's for dinner that evening. I always enjoy their cooking but what I was really excited about was getting to meet Bill's Granddogs.

To hear Simon, Martin and Bill talk, Helen is a bossy character who generally manages to get her way. Martin portrays himself as happily following orders and being told what he thinks. One of his more persistent fantasies has been that they find a large stone barn somewhere out in the countryside and convert it into a grand house. Also to have five -- yes, five -- German Shepards. Helen always smiled at him fondly when he talked about this dream, as one does at an infantile but beloved fool.

However, it would appear that Martin's persistence is paying off and Helen's determination has cracked. Enter an English sheepdog puppy named Max. I saw a picture of Helen holding him; that's ancient history now.

He's a BIG puppy now who seems to spend most of his time practically airborne in play. However, he is a very good natured, happy dog who does actually obey when Martin requires it.

More recently, they acquired Daisy, a miniature Schnauzer.

Like Max, she doesn't stay still for long. She's an adorable but squirmy little thing.

Helen and Martin assured us that in spite of the size difference, she held her own with Max, no trouble, keeping him in line with a nip if needed. According to one website, her breed is "...a lively, active little dog. They can be stubborn and wilful and do need a firm hand when training." The parallels in that household are obvious to anyone.

The cat of course observes all this nonsense at a distance.


Anonymous said...

I love Daisy. She looks like she can hold her own.

Rick Stone said...

Nothing like having a Minature Schnauzer. This one looks kind of like Jo's little Brandi Jane when we first got her, except Brandi was just a little darker. (We lost Brandi in Oct 2007.) My Buddy Joe is a little lighter than Daisy. Mini Schanuzer's are wonderful dogs and make great traveling companions.