Monday, 18 May 2009

Hairy Hangers

I often take my crafting projects with me to the pub we go to after the running club. Some of the guys were asking me what I was making, seeing me fiddling around with a tiny crochet hook and lots of bits inside a large plastic bag. The plastic bag was obviously to keep my lap and the floor around me relatively tidy, but the only way I could really explain what I was doing was to show them the finished product:

This is what happens to off cuts from shortened polyester skirts, odd ends of yarn, bits of sewing thread and 'tails' from the over lock machine, found gloves, short ribbons, leftovers from other crafting projects, etc., etc. Yes, it's crazy and yes, it takes a long time to make one, but I love my 'hairy hangers'.

They make me smile everytime I see them.


Anonymous said...

What is this thing you have with hangers? You have been redesigning hangers as long as I have known you!

Shelley said...

Do you realise that's over 25 years now? I hate it when I catch myself saying things like that - where has the time gone?