Sunday, 10 May 2009

Coming Out to Play

I've picked up an old friendship that had fallen by the wayside when I was working. She came to lunch at my house the other day and afterwards I was showing her; we had limited success at the time, but her interest was piqued. We decided to do something together the next Friday, but didn't plan what.

I emailed her with a number of suggestions (you'll notice they don't cost much):

1) Do something exercise related together, ie running/walking, or yoga, either around my house or hers or elsewhere.

2) Meet at the library and I could show her how to access for free on their computers.

3) Spend an hour or two at each other's house doing housework or gardening. It sounds crazy, but it's always easier/more interesting to deal with someone else's stuff and the time flies.

4) Crafty stuff - Get together and knit, crochet, cover hangers, make boxes, etc.

5) Sewing stuff - Lots of fitting problems need someone else's help. Also, I've always wanted to make a duct tape dummy.

6) Take a picnic lunch to the beach (if the weather is good enough)

7) Go to a museum or gallery, etc. (Most have free admission around here).

She chose to do more genealogy research at the library and we found her great-great grandparents! I don't know much about English research sources, but we were both pleased with her discovery and I suspect she is now hooked...

What sort of things do you do when you go out to play with your friends?

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