Sunday, 24 May 2009

Trading Up

I'm still quite new to the world of selling on the Internet and it still amazes me that it actually works! To date I've listed 3 pieces of jewellery and sold 2 (for 35 p and £2.70, each with a listing price of 1p). Of the 20 or so books I've listed on Amazon, 7 have sold, one within a couple of hours. I still have tons to list but it does take me ages - nearly an hour per item on Ebay, though Amazon is a bit easier.

However, you can only list items Amazon actually sell new, and the books must be identical to what is listed. I have several books that came free with Eve magazine and,frankly, I can see why they were given away. On those in place of an ISBN number, it says NOT FOR RESALE. I could list them on Ebay, but I thought why not find books more likely to sell from the ones on off to trade at the pub?

So I took a picture and did some research. I've found 5 books that look like they might sell; 4 of which after looking them up look quite good to read as well! That's not cheating, is it? I call it making an 'informed choice.'

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