Saturday, 2 May 2009

Alphabetic Gardening

Those of you who know me know I'm not a natural gardener; I have to push myself to get the experience I need to improve my gardening skills. It came far easier to me to play around with charts and graphs on my laptop (in bed with coffee) or to put all my seed packets into alphabetical order to make things easier to find.

When it came time to get out and do some seeds-in-ground kind of thing, I discovered that my chart showing the month for planting (taken from a gardening book) didn't always match what it said on the seed packet. So I've ended up spending 30-60 minutes here and there going through the packets and finding what needs to be planted about now.

I'm not doing too badly, I'm down to
Mange tout and as Dwarf runner bean seeds were filed under 'D' we might yet get some of those this year.

I managed to break the courgette plants when I moved them into bigger pots. I'd left it so long they were very gangly and caught on everything. Can't say Bill is mourning the lack of zucchini's, however, I may have another go yet.

Tomato and pepper seeds went in at the same time as the courgettes and they survived the transplantation. I need to get out there and stake them up with some panty hose strips for support soon!


Anonymous said...

With all the rain we have had had to cut back the watering timer to 10 min every 3 days. Since we have been gone it has done nothing but rain so by the time we get home everything may have died from too much water. Oh well, I guess you either stay home and garden or travel in the RV.

Shelley said...

Gardening is very demanding like that, isn't it? I'm to the point I put stuff in the ground/pot and if it works, that's great; if not, no big deal.