Friday, 8 May 2009

Round the Roundabout

It took me a while to get the hang of roundabouts. My driving instructor thought I was too quick in approaching them and too slow in going through them, but I have mostly got the hang of it now; in fact, I think they are brilliant. I'm sure they were invented for people like me who get misplaced and need to circle a bit to review their options.

Of course roundabouts come in all sizes from painted circles on the pavement to ginormous hills surrounded by cloverleaf highways.

I'm not a huge fan of our local authority, but I think they did a cracking job on this roundabout in our neighbourhood. I walked around it a number of times and I've seen others taking pictures of it as well.


Rick Stone said...

On this side of the pond we used to call them traffic circles. Remember the Classen Traffic Circle? Many years ago it was determined that they were dangerous so they took them all out. Now they are the latest rage and new ones are popping up. The newest one is at NW 13 and Walker, just east of St Anthony's Hospital. Actually it is a PITA since most folks don't know when it is their time to go.

Shelley said...

I seem to remember one out on the eastern outskirts of OKC - and I never knew when it was my turn to go!

Had to look up PITA

-- learned something new there...