Friday, 20 February 2009

Giant Man-Eating Courgettes

I planted some seeds in mid January (in yogurt pots), covered them with Saran wrap / cling film and then ignored them a while. Within a week there were signs of growth and seems like I just turned around and there were these things sticking up.

Other plants are starting, but they're really weedy in comparison and I'm not sure whether all my scavenged seeds -- from bell peppers, lemons and apples -- will come up, but they were free so what the heck.

What I will be doing is saving and planting seeds from these two giants that I just brought home from the green market! Biggest peppers I've ever seen!

[Not shown above, piece of lovely blue/pink/lavender linoleum I found down my street when finishing a run. I passed it, thinking, no use for that but doubled back when I thought of protecting Grandma and Grandpa's card table, pressed into service for the seedlings. It is just the right size and all my favourite colours, so clearly it was meant to be...]

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