Thursday, 19 February 2009

Whole Lotta (g)Love(s)

The other day Bill was rushing around trying to get his stuff together to go do a cross-country race. He couldn't find his race number and he couldn't find his gloves and he was not his normally sweet self; I couldn't wait for him to find his way out the door. The irony of it was that the next day when he went for a run around here, he found 4 gloves. Yep, he's started picking them up for me... This is just what we've got in the last 4-5 weeks.

By the way, for a look at what some silly old men go and do for fun on a Saturday (and to hear a Geordie accent), see
Bill's not in this one, but he normally would have been.

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Rick Stone said...

I watched the YouTube video. I've never really been able to appreciate folks fasination with running. I always figured if God wanted man to run he would never invented the automobile.