Friday, 1 June 2012

Phryne Places

The Block Arcade

My photos don't do it justice; too many people,

too much to see.

Better you should look here.  See what I mean?

Windsor Hotel (where Phryne stays before buying a house).  For a better view, see this.

Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital

This is where Phyne's friend, Dr. Elizabeth MacMillan, works.

Now the Queen Victoria Women's Centre. 

Collins Street I've already shown you, though there is much more there to see.

We could see the Theosophical Building from the roof of our hotel (where we visited the defunct swimming pool). 

It wasn't particularly remarkable, but I had to look up the term to find out what it meant.  I have to admit I'm not really any the wiser having done so.

Regent Theatre (first opened 1929)

Town Hall.  Turns out there are several...

Toorak.  Another place we've already visited.  Phryne is invited to a party in Toorak, where some of the best and worst people are to be found.

The Cathedral on Swanson Street  is likely St. Pauls with the spires.

Flinders and Spencer Streets.  I can't remember what Phyrne is doing there on page 74 in Cocaine Blues (and in any case that might give away the story.  You've seen Flinders Street Station and I can tell you that Spencer Street was named for the 3rd Earl Spencer (ancestor of Princess Diana).

Little Lonsdale Street.  There isn't much of note there now.  In Phryne's day it will have been terrible slums, all torn down and redeveloped now.  I just included it because of the interesting naming convention of 'Little'.  Whereas in Britain they have 'back' streets (Bill loves that Tynemouth has Back Front Street), in Melbourne they seem to call these 'little'.  They aren't alleys at all but are often just access to the backs of large buildings, parking garages and the like.  BTW, that evil bath house where Madame Breda sold her wares between Russell Street and Little Lonsdale?  That's the Victoria State Library now.

Little Bourke Street is still Chinatown,

where Bill and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner in The Crane.

And walked 'home' in the rain.


Beryl said...

Now that you're gotten me hooked on Phryne Fisher, these places come alive for me. Especially the hotel. Thanks for the great pictures!

Jane said...

You can now do official Phryne tours of Melbourne. (Advertised in yesterday's paper. People should just print off your blog!

BigLittleWolf said...

Wow. This makes me want to pop over to the other side of the world...

Shelley said...

Beryl - I'm so pleased to hear that you've decided to discover Phryne for yourself! I'm not sure all the photos exactly evoke the 1920-1930s, but we did try to grab photos of places that did.

Jane - That's just amazing - I'm sure they stole Bill's idea for it! Shame we didn't know about it when we were there, would have made life easier. I gather Phryne is a huge success in Australia?

BLW - You bet, you should! (Except it's a long journey to call it 'popping over'). Sadly, or we'd go a lot more often!